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At Grace we're passionate about following and worshipping Jesus Christ. We are real people infused with dynamic faith, committed to a common vision, joined together in the covenant love of our Creator. We believe in multicultural, multi-generational ministry, who's sole intention is to reach our community for Christ. We firmly believe that you should come as you are to the feet of Jesus, for He is capable of transforming a broken and contrite heart into a heart that brings Him joy. Come join us on a Sunday and see more of what we are about

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We believe there are two essentials to the Christian faith: doing life together and Bible study. At Grace, we offer many opportunities for both through our weekend worship gatherings, small groups, Sunday School, and various Bible studies. One without the other will leave the believer incomplete and out of balance. Come join us and be a part of our growing family! Get connected now to a community of believers that will support you no matter what life may bring.

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At Grace, we want to serve and make a difference for people near and far. We believe that God is calling us to be active in His work both locally and globally for the cause of Christ.  While we partner with missionaries around the world, our mission field begins right outside our doors.    



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Rivers of Living Water

Gospel of John series  |  September 25, 2022  |  Pastor Dave Fox

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